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smile4emy Fri 22-Jul-16 14:37:15

Hi - My son just turned two and will need to go into a primary school in 2018. He was baptised in the United States but we haven't been good about attending church here in the UK and aren't registered at any of the local parishes. Is there any chance that he'll be able to get into Corpus Christi if we were to start attending mass now? We live on Mandrell Road, so are quite close to the school. We're debating whether we should move out of London if it's unlikely he'll get into Corpus Christi because of the cost of sending him to a private school in the area.

Any tips on what we can do to improve our changes would be much appreciated! Thanks for your help!

LuluInLambeth Fri 22-Jul-16 18:49:36

Well, what do the school's published admissions criteria say about how long and how often you need to attend church to get priority? I don't know the school well, but its popularity no doubt means that they fill all their places from the first few of their oversubscription criteria.

missl1 Thu 18-Aug-16 09:32:05

Primary school admissions for 2016 reception class
How offers were made on primary National Offer Day (18 April 2016)
Lambeth academies
Corpus Christi Catholic Academy

Number of places available: 60
Number of on time applications received: 126

Breakdown of how offers were made:
 Looked after Catholic children or looked after children in the care of Catholic families and previously looked after Catholic children who have been adopted or who have become the subject of a residence or guardianship order: 2
 Baptised Catholic children who have one or two parents who are practising Catholics and who have siblings attending the school at the intended time of admission: 27
 Baptised Catholic children of a member of teaching staff, where either the teacher or other parent is a practising Catholic and where: the member of the teaching staff has served at the Academy for two or more years at the time of application: 0
 Baptised Catholic children who have one or two parents who are practising Catholics and who live in the parishes of Corpus Christi (Brixton Hill) or St. Philip & St. James (Herne Hill): 30
 Baptised Catholic children who have one or more parents who are practising Catholics: 0
 Other looked after children and other previously looked after children who have been adopted or who have become the subject of a residence or guardianship order: 0
 Children of parents who are adherents to the Eastern Christian Churches including Orthodox Churches and who have no access to a school of their own denomination. Evidence of Baptism or reception from the authorities of that Church will be required: 0
 Children of families who are committed members of other Christian denominations that are part of Churches Together in England. Evidence of Baptism (or dedication) provided by a priest or minister of a designated place of worship will be required: 1
 Children who are members of other faiths. Evidence of membership of the faith of religious commitment provided by a priest, minister or religious leader of a designated place of worship will be required: 0
 Any other children: 0

LuluInLambeth Thu 18-Aug-16 10:23:36

As I thought, most places go to the first few admissions categories and it all hinges on how they define "practising Catholic": how often must parents attend church and over how long a period? If OP doesn't live in one of those named parishes and doesn't otherwise fit the definition, the chances of getting a place seem very very low.

BrixtonMortar Thu 18-Aug-16 20:37:32

Are your choices really Corpus Christi, Private or move homes, jobs, city?

Mandrell rd is not so far from Sudbourne - though I know the catchment is very tight, King's Avenue has a 'Good with outstanding features' Ofsted rating, Richard Atkins is 'Good', if you want a faith school Holy Trinity on Upper Tulse Hill is 'Good', as is Christ Church Streatham. All these schools are within walking distance of Mandrell Road. Lambeth schools perform very well in relation to schools nationally.

The definition of 'practising catholic' for the purpose the admissions criteria will be within the published admissions policy on the Corpus Christi website. If you are recent arrivals you may find that a letter from your priest in the U.S might help.

LuluInLambeth Thu 18-Aug-16 20:52:23

Were you attending church in the US, OP? You don't mention it.

missl1 Thu 18-Aug-16 21:14:13

BrixtonMortar - If it's Corpus Christi, private or move out of London I say leave them to it and leave the 'good' school places for the rest of us :-)

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