Clapham primary schools, entry Sept 2017?

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claphamuser Fri 22-Jul-16 11:40:47


Has anybody started thinking about Clapham Primary schools for entrance in Sept 2017 yet?

Does anybody know the latest with Wix (normal entry, not bilingual)? I think it is due an OFSTED very soon, so hopefully that'll go up from Improvement Needed? I also heard that the Governors are going to be recruiting a new headteacher this coming year.

We will definitely go and have a look at both Heathbrook and Clapham Manor.

We had a brief look around Heathbrook with the Head, and were very impressed. Amazing outside space and it's apparently improved an awful lot in the last couple of years. It has just had a really good OFSTED, and the results in themselves are now very good (and much better than 3-4 years ago). Got the sense from talking to a lot of mums locally in area that more and more parents see it as a really good school and want to get their kids into Heathbrook.

The other one is Clapham Manor. It's got an amazing OFSTED, though from 7-8 years ago, and good facilities. I think it's quite hard to get into though unless you live extremely close. Anybody had a recent experience of reception or infant school at Clapham Manor?

Macauley is the other one we will look at, though that is also extremely hard to get into unless you have been to church a lot.

Obviously a lot of it is down to the 'feel' when you go and look around but interested in what other people have found out?

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