Consultation on community priorities for Stockwell, Vassall, and Larkhall wards

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LocalEditorLambeth Fri 01-Jul-16 21:44:32

Hi everyone,

I know this won't apply to all of you but I thought you might be interested in this consultation if you live in one of these wards.

"What are your priorities for your streets, open spaces and places?


When Lambeth Council gives planning permission for new developments, developers provide the Council with payments to fund local improvements.

Since 2010 the Government has cut the money it gives us by 56%. This is the biggest financial challenge Lambeth has ever faced. At a time when resources are scarce, it's vital the council invests these resources wisely.

If you live, work or visit Stockwell, Vassall, Larkhall wards the council would like to find out your priorities for investing these funds."

Complete this survey by 8th July:

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