Moving to Clapham - advice needed!

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soodster Sun 12-Jun-16 20:59:34

Hello all,

We are moving from South Africa to Clapham shortly. Our DS will be starting Reception at Eaton House the Manor this September and we are looking for a nursery for our DD - she will be 18 months old in September. We had a few questions for local parents in advance of our move:

1. Any thoughts on Bright Horizons Clapham Village Nursery for our DD (helpfully, right next to Clapham Station)?
2. Any thoughts on Kids Unlimited Nursery on Northcote Road for our DD?
3. Is it common to share nannies or have a person who helps with pick-ups from local families and drop-offs at schools and nurseries? We are looking for someone to drop off with DS to school or DD to nursery in the mornings.

Any other helpful hints or things to bear in mind? We will move to Clapham in August. If anyone is able to spare some time to chat over the phone and share their knowledge, that would be super appreciated. Thanks!

Tumtitum Sun 12-Jun-16 21:05:26

I don't live in Clapham but have looked at some Bright Horizons nurseries down the road in Tooting and in SE London and they do have a good reputation. If it wasn't for money and finding a nursery closer to work I would have gone with the one in Tooting!

NotCitrus Mon 13-Jun-16 09:52:53

Which Clapham station? There's 3 tube stations on the Northern Line (Clapham North, Common, South), plus on National Rail and Overground there's Clapham Junction (which is technically in Battersea) and Clapham High St on the Overground, though you can go from there to C North and it counts as a single journey. Make sure you know where you are!

Bright Horizons is a well thought of chain, so should be OK though sometimes a branch will have trouble with new staff.

People do use nanny shares but childminders might be the people you are looking for. There's probably a Facebook group for Clapham or Battersea mums, or look up a "children's centre" in the borough of Wandsworth or Lambeth and ask them for a list of childminders locally.

Michaelajohn Mon 13-Jun-16 19:42:31

I don't have children at that nursery (Clapham Village), but know a couple of people who do. Both have said similar things
Good points: in a nice new purpose built building and we'll equipped with nice new toys
- Children do lots of activities and enjoy it
-Very flexible in terms of timings.

Staff are quite young and there is a high staff turnover.
Due to flexibility of hours the children are there, there is not the group bond you get in a pre school nursery.

Why not just have a nanny/childminder who looks after you 18 month old until she starts preschool at 2/2 1/2. There are lots of baby and toddler groups she can go to, in order to see other children.
If you are close to Clapham Common tube, I can recommend pixies(more relaxed and play based), and the willow(slightly more formal but well organised) as nurseries. They are both morning sessions only, from 9-12ish, and take children from around 2 1/2.
Good luck with your move.

claphamuser Fri 22-Jul-16 10:54:22

Hi we looked at all of the above, and, in part due to lack of availability, and in part due to facilities, opted for Elm Park nursery at the back of Abbeville Road. It's a Montessori, and is based in a large detached arts and crafts house. Massive garden which could easily take an adult five a side football game, and incredible outdoor facilities. The teachers are all very good, with not a great deal of turnover. Some have been there 20 years. We looked at Clapham Village and although the crazy waiting list didn't make it a choice, we didn't like the outside space. I.e. it was very small. I'd strongly recommend looking at Elm Park, if the transport works for you.

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