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streatfest Sat 04-Jun-16 13:44:26

This year's Streatham Festival has a theme of Celebrating Streatham. We want to explore every aspect of life in our local community. From it's green spaces to hidden buildings, local artists, theatre, comedy, music and events put on by the young and old we plan to revel in great diversity that exists in Streatham.

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Streatham Festival delivers high quality, inclusive and accessible arts & cultural events that bring communities together to celebrate Streatham. The festival is in its 15th year and is run entirely by volunteers hard all year long to organise and deliver a great festival for our community. We aim to celebrate local talent and encourage imaginative use of different venues across Streatham. We support and engage with local shops and businesses by promoting them through events, to encourage footfall, customer spend and repeat visits. The festival supports a mix of art genres, opportunities to learn and join in, develop practice in the arts and nurture artists and audiences through collaboration with all sections of the community.

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