The Big Park Sleepover 2016 - Let's make it happen!

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FatherNature Wed 18-May-16 23:13:20

This summer, by popular demand, community landscaping and gardening enterprise Father Nature and the charity Myatt's Fields Park Project are planning to revive their awesome free summer sleepover camping mini-festival for 100 low income/local families in the heart of London's Myatt's Fields Park, Lambeth called The Big Park Sleepover.

You can find out all about the project at or

It's an amazing event packed with activities and workshops, offering some of our most challenged families a chance to explore a park at night and connect with nature and across communities. In past years we've had public funding, but this year the well has dried up, so we're going to use people power instead... Can you help us crowdfund it?

Even a £10 pledge or sharing our crowdfunding page via email and on social media will help us meet our target. You can pledge here:

We need to raise the full £18,000 by August 1st. However, if we can get people talking and raise just £1000-£2000 in the next two weeks, there's a chance that our new Major of London Sadiq Khan may step in with funding from the Major's Crowdfunding Programme to cover the rest.

Help us make it happen for our 100 families in 2016 and pledge now and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!

For more information, please contact

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