Fundraising for Legal Fight Fund to Save Our Community From Lambeth's Property Developer Chums

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WyattParkPeople999 Wed 04-May-16 10:49:31

YOU Could Be NEXT!

Watch Retweet! Donate £5 Help Us EXPOSE Corrupt Shambeth!

Hi there, we need to raise £10k by 8th of May... We'd be grateful for ALL suggestions...??? In the mean time please share, share, and … SHARE via email, facebook twitter your website… We want to create a hub where others in similar situations can reach out for professional advice and funds i.e. once we win the winnings will be pooled and used to start a nonprofit organisation for this primary purpose. Legal Aid has gone! Free Law Centres have ALL been shut down?!

So what does the average Jo or Joe Bloggs do to obtain Legal Help. Just barrister's fees alone average about £5k, i.e. that five thousand British pounds!. Crowd funded Justice is now literally the ONLY way to go.

Please donate whatever you can and share with literally EVERYONE you know... Try to forward to at least 10 people...

Thanks in advance for your kind support.

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