South Circular Bus Route

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AuntieAnna Fri 22-Jan-16 11:24:40

I am petitioning for a new bus route to be added along the South Circular. I would be so grateful if any of you could sign and share with your friends and neighbours.
The problem is that if you live in Clapham/Clapham Park/Clapham South there is no direct bus eastwards to Tulse Hill. Ideally a new route could also go on to the Horniman Museum as well, which is also hard to reach without a car, and hard to park near if you do go by car.
At the moment to get from the Clapham area to schools such as City Heights or The Elmgreen School, you have to take 2 buses via Brixton or go to Streatham Hill and have a 20 minute walk. People are actually not applying to these schools because of the gap in the bus network.
Conversely there are quite a lot of people coming to school in Clapham from Tulse Hill, the top of Brixton Hill and near Streatham Hill who can't get as far as eg Bonneville School.
All of these places are really close by car -- from my house it takes less than 10 mins by car to Tulse Hill but it takes 40 minutes by bus. So a new bus route would reduce traffic and pollution too.
The images attached show the bus routes from Clapham South and Tulse Hill -- and how they don't join up at all! Plus the journey planner on TfL's own website saying how to get from Clapham South to Tulse Hill: as you can see, its crazy complicated but it only takes 10 mins by car.
Thanks for all your support!

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