Advice on buying in West Norwood and subsidence

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Dinoknight Wed 13-Jan-16 00:44:49


We are looking to purchase a property in West Norwood, but having noticed a crack coming from the rear upstairs window (it is a terrace house and cracks also appears in the same place on both next door properties) we are concerned about subsidence.

We really like the vibrant community and all the creative offerings of West Norwood, but have heard that subsidence is a big issue due to the steep hills, being built next to a train line and clay soil.

Can any West Norwood residences tell us if they have had big issues with subsidence? I don't think we could go ahead with the purchase if underpinning was needed, as this would not be a cash purchase. The property we are considering is on Broxholm Road. We would rather not pay out for a survey at this stage. Obviously if we do decide to put in an offer and it is excepted we would have a full structural survey done. Would a decent builder be able to tell us if the crack is a result of subsidence abe even estimate the extent of work needed? Or another professional who at a glance can let us know if it is a sign of a major problem?

Thanks in advance for your local knowledge and advice!

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