10 things to do before you're 10

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alexbigham Tue 21-Jul-15 12:41:54

I am a Dad living in Lambeth and helping out with Tessa Jowell’s campaign to become Mayor of London. Hope you don’t mind me posting something political here – but really keen to get views from local parents.

Many children growing up in London don’t get the same opportunities we might take for granted. 400,000 children don’t get a week’s holiday away from home; 200,000 don’t get to own and ride their own bike; and 100,000 don’t get to celebrate special occasions, learn a musical instrument, join a football team, or go on a school trip.

If Tessa becomes Mayor she wants to launch a “10 things before you’re 10” - programme to give opportunities to young children paid by a 1% levy on hotel rooms.

Tessa will be hosting a public consultation at www.tessa.london/10things. In the coming days and weeks Tessa is inviting children, teachers and parents to put forward their arguments to include their favoured activity on the list. A starter list of activities may include the following, however a final list will result from the consultation:
1. An overnight camping trip
2. Learning a new sport
3. Trip to the seaside
4. Learning to perform through music, dance or drama
5. Learning to safely ride a bike

What do you think?
What were the things you loved doing when you grew up?
What 10 things do you think every child should experience?

Let us know in the comments or email alex.bigham@tessa.london

PipAndPosey Thu 23-Jul-15 18:58:28

Good idea. The National Trust have something very similar.

Make fairy houses out of mud and moss?

Toast marshmallows on a bonfire/bbq?

LocalEditorLambeth Wed 05-Aug-15 14:46:37

Hallo! I went fruit picking with my daughter yesterday and I thought that might be a nice addition to the list. I don't know how many there would be in the Lambeth area but a friend of mine sent me a list of Pick Your Own farms and orchards in Kent: www.pickyourownfarms.org.uk/Kent_pyo.php

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