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LocalEditorLambeth Sun 21-Jun-15 09:38:56

Hi everyone!
We moved recently and for the first time ever we have a garden. Unfortunately we don't really know what we are doing! Can anyone recommend any blogs/newsletter/websites which might help us find our way around? Thank you.

genalorainne Thu 25-Jun-15 11:16:28

Hi there! Gardening can be tricky, true. But if you arm yourself with patience it will really work out for you in the long run. These guys are prominent in garden knowledge. They have an "Advice section" that, I am sure, will help you tons. But since I am not really sure if you only asked for things to read or for actual help, just in case - here are some gardening field agents that are, I think, among the top tier of these services in London by far. I am looking forward for your feedback and if that was somehow helpful.

Good luck with the garden!

LuluInLambeth Tue 14-Jul-15 23:46:33

Come and talk to the Lambeth Horticultural Society! We'll have a stall in the floral marquee at the Lambeth Country Show.

LocalEditorLambeth Thu 16-Jul-15 21:14:44

Hey LuluInLambeth, that's a great idea! We will hopefully be there on Saturday afternoon so I will come and find you.

And thanks too to genalorraine for your suggestions - it is tricky and we have so much to learn. We've already grown some strawberries so we are feeling quite pleased!

LuluInLambeth Thu 16-Jul-15 21:20:40

One of the things we pride ourselves on offering is free advice, so come and have a chat. We should be able to talk you through the basics - what to do now, what to think about for next year - and, of course, we'd love to enrol you as a member!

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