Good, local Wills advice?

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Babyccino Wed 27-May-15 21:38:20

I would like to finally get my rear in gear and sort out my Will. Can anyone recommend a local solicitor who's done a good job helping you write one? There's nothing especially complex about our estate but it would good to think through it all with someone we can trust who will explain things clearly. Many thanks in advance!

LocalEditorLambeth Fri 29-May-15 08:59:23

Hi Babyccino, thanks so much for posting this. It's been on my to do list forever so fingers crossed someone can make a good suggestion! I should have thought to post here shouldn't I! Have a lovely day.

Babyccino Fri 05-Jun-15 07:59:11

Thanks! Just bumping to see if anyone does have tips...

LocalEditorLambeth Fri 05-Jun-15 23:20:26

Have posted thread on Twitter and Facebook too and it went into the latest newsletter which has just been sent out.
Will post across Twitter/Facebook again!

LocalEditorLambeth Mon 25-Jan-16 21:33:12

We finally got round to doing our will! We used Exclusively Wills Ltd:

They came to our house which was a real bonus!

LocalEditorLambeth Tue 12-Apr-16 22:26:02

Hi Babyccino! Not sure if you ever got your will sorted out but this got posted on the site a couple of days ago and I remembered this thread:

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