Good State Primary Schools in Loughborough Junction and Herne Hill

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ProducerGirl76 Sat 27-Sep-14 16:32:36

Hi, We currently live in Loughborough Junction and have just had a LO and starting to think about schools and also moving to a bigger place. We've seen a place on Milkwood Road which we really like but I'm keen to take primary schools into consideration. Can anyone offer any advice or thoughts on the local state primary schools? We're not keen on any of the church schools and I worry about the limits on catchment areas. Rosendale seems like a great option but I fear we'll be too far away, on the wrong side of Brockwell Park. There seems ot be lots of great private schools in the area but this would be a real stretch financially. All advice very welcome..

HerneHillQuartet Sat 27-Sep-14 16:47:06

Hello, yes on Milkwood you would be too far from Rosendale. You would need to be within about 600m to be safely in based on recent years I think. Jessop on Lowden Road is your nearest school there. It got outstanding in its latest ofsted and seems to be doing very well but is very different in feel from Rosendale. We are a bit further up the hill and looking at St Saviour's (historically a good school but currently in special measures) but obviously that's CofE, Jessop and Bessemer which seems to be well thought of locally now, but that is also quite a way from Millkwood Rd. The new German free school, Judith Kerr, on Half Moon Lane is becoming very popular but of course you'd have to be happy for your children to be taught in German for part of the day and the catchment was quite tiny for distance places last year I believe. So yes, if you took a house on Milkwood Rd you would definitely need to check out Jessop and decide if that was somewhere you were happy with. There are lots of prep schools if you did decide to go private - Herne Hill, Ducks, Rosemead, Oakfield, all fairly close to where you'd be too. Hope that helps. You can probably tell we have been having similar school worries and are visiting them all at the moment. Feel free to pm me if you think I could help more specifically.

BrixtonMortar Sat 27-Sep-14 17:46:32

What about moving a bit further the other way to Streatham Hill and the Dunraven Primary / Hitherfield / Streatham Wells catchments? Same good trains from Tulse Hill.

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