Hitherfield, Dunraven, Streatham Wells, Sunnyhill primary schools

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MillionPramMiles Tue 26-Aug-14 12:55:04

Hi - does anyone have any feedback on these schools please (good or bad)?
I've looked at the OFSTED reports and KS2 results but am conscious they don't always give the full picture.
Is anyone using the breakfast/after school clubs at these schools (or know if they're offered at all)?
Thanks in advance.

BrixtonMortar Mon 08-Sep-14 22:06:54

I know children at Hitherfield and Streatham Wells, and at the Dunraven secondary.

Hitherfield and Streatham Wells are both very well regarded in the area, Streatham Wells has been the more competitive to get into, it is small and has had very good educational results. The new Head is said to be settling in well. It is a relaxed friendly school and lots of families love the fact that it has no uniform and children call teachers buy first names. The atmosphere is calm and well behaved. Children progress well there. It has a tiny catchment.

Hitherfield is a bigger school and has the children's centre. Parents are very happy.

Dunraven is an excellent secondary and the head of the new primary came with good credentials from a popular outstanding primary the other side of Dulwich, so it is set to be a very good school, I think. It has the advantage that a place in the Dunraven primary will give you a place in the secondary, currently very competitive. However if you were in Hitherfield or Streatham Wells or Sunnyhill you would be in catchment for the secondary.

If you have the choice of these schools, you can't go wrong, really! All good!

MillionPramMiles Thu 25-Sep-14 14:10:36

Thanks Brixton (sorry hadn't checked for replies).

BrixtonMortar Mon 03-Nov-14 19:24:03

Dunraven just got an 'Outstanding' Ofsted.

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