Family Friendly Ceilidh Afternoon

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BrixtonMortar Fri 28-Feb-14 14:41:53

Great beer, great music, child friendly! I have been to one of these events at their regular venue in West Norwood and it was a lovely friendly night. Tomorrow afternoon at the Effra social in Brixton, at the bottom of Tulse Hill. Folk Of The Wood

milkycoffee Sat 01-Mar-14 10:34:00

Saw the words family friendly ceilidh was intrigued How exciting!sounds great fun

BrixtonMortar Sun 02-Mar-14 09:53:28

It was brilliant! And they had a magician. It was a mixture of bands, ceilidh, magician, and the place is extraordinary.

LokisLeftHand Sun 02-Mar-14 10:03:13

My son was playing in that yesterday (he's in the Greenravens). He's very chuffed that you liked it (and now I feel guilty we don't go more often to support him blush)

Did you like the Effra Social? DS1 thinks the atmosphere is better at the Porticco, but I think that's because of the timing rather than the location

BrixtonMortar Sun 02-Mar-14 11:49:52

LokisLeftHand, that's lovely! The Greenravens were brilliant, I was very impressed with the way the young people from the two schools performed so tightly, do they have joint rehearsals? They included kids at so many ability levels and they were very confident, too. The fiddle player was excellent, and the little lad who did a guitar solo, and some of them performed independently in the smaller room at the back. At the end a girl played a mandolin in a jamming session, and the others supported her. You must be very proud of your DS.

I think I preferred the Effra event. I like the venue, and the different spaces meant you could have a quieter conversation, or listen to acoustic acts in the smaller room. The face painting for smaller ones was good.

When is the next one?

LokisLeftHand Sun 02-Mar-14 12:08:56

Effra ones are usually the first Saturday of the month as far as DS1 remembers. Next Porticco one is 21 March, but it'll all be posted on the website at some point.

Unfortunately the only time they get to practise together is just before the performances - I think they do really well though. DS1 loves it although it's not the sort of music he generally listens too. I think it's good for their confidence. Mr Rutter (the guitar teacher who organises it) is a bit of a star as far as I'm concerned.

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