Parent and children workshop next week @ Peckham Library

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loveday90 Fri 22-Nov-13 15:31:37

Hi everyone!

We are working on a project with the Design Council with the hope to radically improve the health and wellbeing of children living in Southwark and Lambeth, and beyond. At this point in the project we have been speaking to parents and children in Peckham Library, Brixton Market and Surrey Quays shopping centre in order to find out whether people are interested in something that will help them spot and share opportunities for play local to them.

What we've found is that play happens all of the time; on the way to school, while you're doing the washing up or waiting for a bus and not just in playgrounds or during playgroups. We'd like to help families celebrate and share these small acts of play and we need ideas from local parents and children to make this happen.

We are running a workshop at Peckham Library next Tuesday 26th please see the invite and a link below to the blog, should be really great.

Heres the invite:

Here's a bit about the project:

Hope to see you all there - details are all on there if you want to contact me x

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