Anyone for tennis in Clapham Common?

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lily555 Sat 16-Nov-13 13:06:22

Hi everyone, my friend and tennis partner moved to Paris a while ago and I've missed playing ever since.

My level is basic-intermediate, definitely not advanced (!) but I do love it, and I'm looking to play one evening a week around 8-9pm or at the weekend, is anyone up for that??

There are some courts in Clapham Common, near Clapham South tube, which is close to where I live. I'm not sure if there are any others nearby.

Drop me a line if you're interested!

freshtrax Tue 03-Dec-13 09:10:44

Hi, I'm not offering a match but I don't know if you're aware, there are four tennis clubs quite close to you, actually all in the Streatham area. The one I think is probably closest is Grafton which is on Thornton Road. The great thing about these clubs is that you can play whenever you want, either casually or in Leagues/Tornaments, there are floodlights, plenty of play in winter and a social scene.

freshtrax Tue 03-Dec-13 09:13:22

The point I forgot to mention (!) was that you'll never be short of someone to play as there are social tennis sessions on Wednesdays and sometimes at weekends.

Jennifer32 Sun 06-Jul-14 18:43:12

I am keen to play at Clapham Common if you are still looking for a partner. I am free during the day for the next few weeks if that works?

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