Moving to Streatham - any recommendations for a 3 year old and 8 month old?

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gettingbettereveryday Fri 14-Jun-13 19:17:54

Hi there

Fingers crossed, we are moving to a house between Streatham Hill and Tulse Hill in the next few weeks and my 3yo daugther will start at Hitherfield Nursery in September.

We are moving from SW11 and I grew up in SW4 so reasonably familiar with the area, but would LOVE some recommendations for the best places to take kids! Cafes, parks, classes, drop ins...anything like that, your thoughts would be most welcome!

Would also love to meet any parents who are around and would like to get together! Also, we have a lovely nanny Monday-Wednesday and she is really keen to get to know other nannies in Streatham too (not that parents and nannies can't mingle obviously!).

Look forward to hearing from you, thanks


fernwood Sat 15-Jun-13 05:04:42

Ooh watching this as we are moving to Streatham in a couple of weeks. When we visit we always go to The Rookery at the top of Streatham Common. It is a lovely oasis of calm. There is a great little cafe there that does Italian food, sarnies and ice creams. The playground at the bottom of Streatham Common is quite good, although better for older children.

gettingbettereveryday Sun 16-Jun-13 13:12:45

That's great, where are you moving to? How old are your kids?

I remember the Rookery from when I was a kid but haven't been there for years!

I will post on primary too just in case there are more people there...


fernwood Mon 17-Jun-13 01:46:15

Near The Common somewhere, but not settled yet. I have 3 kids: Ds1 is 13, Dd 11 and Ds2 is just 2 years old. My BIL used to live in Streatham and the rest if my DH's family live on Norbury so we have visited quite often, but usually just The Rookery!

Sorry, typing on iPhone so lots of typos! Let me know if you get any responses on primary.

BrixtonMortar Tue 18-Jun-13 15:29:48

Your nearest park will be Hillside Gardens, which has a great community feel and a One O Clock club. There was a community picnic there on Sunday. Lots of child-friendly cafes on Streatham High Rd, try Troy (Turkish meze and barbecue), Oishe (Japanesey), and Illili, Lebanese.

Further up are more coffee and cake style places - a very cupcakey place on Leigham Ct Rd (you will know what I mean when you see it), Boyce da Rocca, Perfect Blend, Purple, etc.

Whippersnappers in Brockwell Park (at the Lido) has classes for children covering drama, music etc, and baby activities, too.

I think there is a toddler group at St Margarets Church Hall on Cricklade Ave.

You will be within walking distance of the West Norwood Feast a street and craft market on the first Sunday of every moneth - next one 7th July - they also do arts projects in the area.

Fantastic adventure playground and paddling pool parks in Brockwell Park.

Hitherfield is good - and you have a good choice of primaries in Hitherfield, Dunraven and possibly Streatham Wells or Julians, depending on distance.

gettingbettereveryday Thu 20-Jun-13 21:35:37

thanks everyone, really helpful!

give me a shout if anyone is up for playdates some time!


fernwood Tue 09-Jul-13 17:06:30

Just discovered a large paddling pool opposite The Rookery (other side of car park). My 2 year old loved it but it might be a bit much for your little one.

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