Wanted a lovely pregnant mum or mum with baby under 4 weeks old!

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EmmajFenelon Thu 04-Apr-13 19:39:08


Are you in the late stages of pregnancy or have you very recently given birth or do you know anyone like that or anyone who might know anyone like that?

I am doing a masters at IATE in Intergrative Child Psychotherapy as i think it is important that children get support if and when they need it in childhood as this can really help them live and thrive but to do this I need some help!

As part of my course I need to observe a baby for an hour once a week in their home environment. The purpose of the observation is to help me get acquainted with the growth and changes that occur in a baby between birth and two years old and to develop/improve my observational skills. The mother/father/family won't have to do anything in particular, just continue with their usual routine (even if the baby is asleep).

If you are a mum-to-be and might be interested in volunteering, or would like to find out more, please email me and I will get in touch!

I have a full-enhanced CRB, and a letter from the University, which explains the observation in more detail. I am based in West Norwood and happy to travel.

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