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txikilin Tue 12-Mar-13 12:43:07

I just wanted to have people views on the way the house prices are going in SW16/ SW17

We are trying to buy a house in Streatham and there isnt anyhting for less than 400K + and they still need lots of work!

Are estate agents going mad or are people actually paying these prices?

We have lived in the area for over 8 years and we are finding we cannot afford to upgrade.

BrixtonMortar Tue 12-Mar-13 14:25:53

Loads of 3 bed houses under £400k and even under £300k in this search.

It's true, though, that houses have gone up a lt. Especially in the Streatham Hill area (SW2) and in the catchments for the excellent primary and secondary schools such as St Julian's, Streatham Wells, Hitherfield, Dunraven, Elmgreen.

Much cheaper towards Norbury, and Norbury Manor is a good secondary for girls.

txikilin Tue 12-Mar-13 15:05:24

Thank you BrixtonMortan . I have seen all the properties on your search but they are not what we are looking for.

We are looking more towards Furzedowns or near Streatham common/ steatham Hill but not Norbury or Streatham Vale.

We may be being fuzzy but I still think we should be able to afford what we want.

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