Herne hill mums due June 2013!

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EmmajFenelon Thu 04-Apr-13 09:08:50

Hello and help! smile

Does anyone know a mum who is expecting a new baby or has one under 4 week one old, who might be up for helping me in my training to become a Child Psychotherapist?

As part of my exciting AND demanding training I need to observe a baby with their mum from as close to birth as possible (under 4 weeks old) for an hour a week in their home/out at the park/wherever suits, for at least a year. My fellow students who have already started tell me this is an amazing experience for them and the mums too.

Any help would be very helpful! I need to get baby watching as soon as possible or it may delay my ability to qualify with the rest of my class!

All the best Emma

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