Possible new secondary school in Clapham

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BrixtonMortar Sun 09-Dec-12 12:04:13

Lambeth already has 2 catholic secondaries. Is there a call for more catholic secondary places? Will it be co-ed? Will distance be a criteria or will it admit catholic children from a very wide area, like many other catholic schools do? Will 'catholic ethos' demand regular attendance at mass within the admission criteria or will it be a catholic ethos with entry based on the usual community criteria?

I am in favour of co-ed secondaries, with a 'fair banding' admission based on distance. Lambeth nees more places for Lambeth and local children, Clapham is within my range for looking for secondaries, but I want to see more inlcusive schools, not an increase in schools which draw off children from specific communities.

Claphamparent Sat 01-Dec-12 16:48:03

Local parents are trying to get agreement to set up a new secondary school in Clapham, with a Catholic ethos. One of the possible sites is on Crescent Lane opposite St. Mary's primary school.
They are currently seeking people with children currently in year 4 or 5 to express their interest so that they can move forward to the next stage.
The website is: www.trinityacademylondon.org/home

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