Nurseries in Stockwell/Vauxhall

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CarveHerNameWithPride Tue 13-Nov-12 00:32:08

Can't speak for the two you've mentioned (DCs went to Bright Horizons but that was 6 years ago) but have you looked at the Stockwell Children's Centre nursery attached to Stockwell Primary school?

SalStockwell Fri 12-Oct-12 10:32:00

As you may be aware the Asquith Nursery at 50 Groveway Stockwell SW9 is closing at the end of the month (after 6 weeks notice - grr) and I am reluctant to use another Asquith Nursery as the others are not really convenient location-wise (and we feel very let down by the company - giving six weeks notice of closure is not a very good way to treat your customers!)

Has anyone got any experience or recommendations of other nurseries in the Stockwell/ Vauxhall area?

In particular we are thinking of Bright Horizons on Jeffrey St/ One World on Knowle Close/ Green Shoots on Palfrey Place - any knowledge?

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