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Piri2011 Fri 20-Apr-12 14:54:22

Hi there, I'm new here
my baby have just turned 1 year old and I live near clapham north, I'm 29 and would like to meet new friends for coffee in clapham high street? i have never met mums my age so would love to meet up

Stangirl Mon 11-Jun-12 17:38:48

I am too old (43) and I'm more Brixton area but I recommend you pop along to "Share a Song" at the main Brixton library at 10am on Monday mornings. It's pre-school and the kids range from 6months to around 4. It's free, different songs from the usual and a friendly bunch of parents. I rec you arrive 10mins beforehand because it can be popular and get full (15kids) early. Only 30mins and often some ladies pop to the cafe round the corner afterwards for coffee.

NB The actual library is closed Monday mornings so you must enter round the disabled entrance on the side (right hand side as you look at front of library).

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