Graveney or Dunraven sixthform?

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rootofcarol Mon 09-Apr-12 14:52:23

As well as that above, I have a question about sixth forms generally (I have a mind for my other two children, in case this doesn't work out!): is big (in terms of students) better than small?
That's the more obvious difference between these schools, Graveney sixth-form has 634 and Dunraven 200 or so. I'd describe my son as quiet and hard-working. He's suffered a lot over the last six years (years 7-11) with Dunraven's lack of discipline and standards, as well as the bullies that have embodied it. These bullies (to use nice words) won't be moving onto the sixth-form, and Dunraven's new buildings will give it superior facilities.
My son also wants to go to Cambridge but needs the 'grooming' and preparation or he won't. Ofsted has rated them both as outstanding and I think they're A-Level results are similar. Which sixth-form do I say yes to? Help mumsnet

Which one does he want to go to?

From personal experience I'd say smaller and more personal would be my ideal sixth form, but if he's had problems maybe he'd prefer a change of scenery and the anonymity of a larger school.

FWIW my DSs are at Dunraven too (eldest is a few years behind yours) and we've always planned on them staying on there, but we haven't experienced the problems you obviously have sad I hope your DS has a happier time doing his A'Levels wherever it is he decides to go.

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