Aerobics / Dance class for both mum and baby?

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Jessicaphipps01 Fri 23-Mar-12 23:06:10

Me 3

Emmacm1 Wed 14-Mar-12 10:28:38

i would be interested in finding out this also smile

TiniMum Tue 21-Feb-12 10:14:43

Hello, I am looking for some sort of exercise that I could do with my 19 month old son but not running (tried, didn't work out). I tried swimming at Thornton Heath health club which was nice but they only have weird hours available like 12-1pm (lunch time), other hours were reserved for school. As my son like Got to Dance, LOL, anything involves music, any mummy and baby zumba clubs... would be great. Anybody has any ideas? Thanks!

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