Streatham Hill parents meet up

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Kantu Mon 20-Feb-12 15:22:10

Hi I'm a new mum with three month old looking to meet up with other mums/dads in Streatham Hill. Are there already existing groups apart from NCT ones?


TiniMum Tue 21-Feb-12 09:46:05

There is a baby clinic in Gracefield Gardens. Last year when my baby was 4 months they sent a letter and invited me to come for new mother baby group. They run every Wednesday 10am to 11am. They also have lots of other activities. I suggest you come to the reception and ask as they change the schedule evry so often. I highly recommend it as it's free (you can give 50p for tea for each section if you like) and they have lots of useful information. Really really useful and I enjoyed it + meeting other mums, too. I hate the NCT, they are over-priced.

Kantu Tue 21-Feb-12 16:52:32

Thanks Tinimum. I'll pop into Gracefield Gardens.

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