Dunraven admissions test

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EssW2 Wed 07-Sep-11 12:48:39

Hello, does anyone have any information about what is required for the Dunraven admissions test? What the papers are, how long they last, etc? I have a child who is doing very well, but loses courage under test conditions.

Any suggestions for a good local tutor who could do a few preparatory sessions?


TheWomanOnTheBus Fri 07-Oct-11 14:00:16

Just noticed this, and it may be too late, but you may want to post the question in the eduacation Topics area - where you might get some response.

But in any case, entry does not depend on doing well in the test - it is only to ensure a balanced entry (ie not too many bright kids, not too many middling kids, nor to many at the lower end of the spectrum).

In any case, as a result of this, you are more likely to get a place if the child does not do well in the test. You should not therefore tutor!

Balhamum Mon 10-Oct-11 15:18:49

The Dunraven test is 2 papers; verbal and non-verbal reasoning. It is only for streaming so no reason for your child to be nervous. WH Smith sells practise papers (Bond papers) which are worth doing as some of the questions are mind boggling until you "get" the approach (not too hard once you do). If your child is doing the Wandsworth test too then Dunraven is a nice opportunity to get some practise.

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