Boy friendly gymnastics in Lambeth? Age 5+

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Zoonie Mon 21-Mar-11 15:32:18


My wee'un has been going to gymnastics at Tooting Leisure Centre and is seriously rebelling. THe class is full of girls and it's very 'floor work' oriented. Plus it's really a tots class. He can't move up in to beginners for ages.

At home all he ever does is somersaults and roly polys on the bed, headstands, tries to find poles to swing off... a classic monkey, basically. It would be a tragedy if he did give it up, but I can't force him to go. They had their annual display on Saturday and shock news was in the older classes I counted about 3 boys out of some 300 children. In catering for their apparent audience (girls) they basically end up excluding boys, who so desperately need that exercise outlet.

Grr! So I'm looking for anywhere that will treat it really seriously, and will get him on to equipment, really learning, not getting bored in a group of leotards.

Anyone know anything? Ta!

Sorry, I can't help you but bumping in the hope that someone will come along who can.

Fwiw, I'd like my 3 yr old DS to be doing something similar. We're in Tower Hamlets.

generalhaig Fri 25-Mar-11 22:02:40

well you obviously couldn't have been at the same display I was at where the boys had a whole routine - yes, they're in the minority but there are a lot more of them than three .. and their 'star' younger gymnast is a 10 year old boy

my dd's just been moved into the group above which is supposedly 9+ and she's only 8 so you could always ask if he can be moved into beginners - they are pretty flexible

you could also try the trampolining classes as that's lots of physical activity and incorporates gymnastics - or the other thing that lots of boys do and is basically gymnastics is diving - they do it at Crystal Palace and a pool in Merton

Zoonie Sat 26-Mar-11 01:20:37

Hmm. we've talked about him moving in to beginners but he's a tad too immature really. I wonder if all boys are at that age! But surely, you must agree that it was extremely floor work oriented? There were no bars, no rings...

Of the older children, I saw one fantastic Asian background lad, the wee lad with blonde hair who must obviously be the 10 year old and.... I'm really struggling to think of any others!

A few boys in the beginners, but again, not much emphasis on equipment.

Diving's a bit too old for James, he's 5, just learning to swim atm.

I'm determined to try annd find him an alternative. grits teeth!

Zoonie Tue 29-Mar-11 00:59:24

For those that are interested, I did my homework properly and found the site for British Gymnastics, and did a local search using their tool. Found a few that are relatively local which identify that they do 'mens' gymnastics. I've written to three local clubs that look interesting. One in Thornton Heath, one in Mitchum (eek) and one in Clapham.

fwiw, the Thornton Heath one do a boys only beginners class on Sat mornings! Unfortunately it starts at 9am and it's miles away so either a car is required or breakfast on the train/bus on the way over.

Zoonie Tue 29-Mar-11 01:00:04

Doh, forgot the link:

EldonAve Tue 29-Mar-11 20:39:44

Mayfield Gymnastics may also be worth - friend says they are proper hardcore

BarkisIsWilling Sat 23-Apr-11 12:04:59

Did you hear back, Zoonie?

ZombieWhirl Thu 16-Jun-11 20:02:00

Flying angels at Lambeth academy in Clapham, they are on FB. Very laid back. My ds loves it, he's in the pre school group but there seem to be a quite a few boys......

oma13 Sun 04-Aug-13 12:29:37

Hi, there is a new gymnastics centre in West Norwood, Sponte Sua Gym.
I heard they have small groups and professional coaches. My friend has a boy too so they must have boys classes!

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