Effra Early Years Centre / Nursery?

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Kismet74 Wed 27-Jun-12 07:47:37

Thanks everyone for the advice! I'll try Wendy first : )

RillaBlythe Tue 26-Jun-12 15:49:25

A friend of mine used Wendy too smile

BrixMum Tue 26-Jun-12 15:35:07

Hi Kismet74
My son is with a wonderful childminder called Wendy Dimler in Brixton - she is great and is linked to Effra as one of their associated childminders: http://wendydimler.co.uk/

She has a lovely home and is kind, creative, thoughtful and so caring. Our son adores her and we will keep her on for as long as we can possibly into his teens!! (He started when he was 9months old and is now nearly 3yrs).

She is a mother of a lovely young teen daughter and really understands both parents and children's needs. Only word of warning - she is very popular and booked up but worth a try...

Best of luck

RillaBlythe Sun 17-Jun-12 09:16:22

Ask at Effra - they have a childminder group on Monday mornings so know the local minders.

We had a brilliant childminder we loved but she was up Brixton Hill - near New Park Rd - so probably a bit far for you. PM if you want her details.

Kismet74 Sun 17-Jun-12 09:08:42


I wonder if anyone can help with a childcare question for a baby?

I'm due to give birth with my first baby in 6 weeks and I will need to return to work on a part time basis from Jan 2013. I actually live on Effra Parade in Brixton/Herne Hill! But, I believe Effra Early Years Nursery doesn't take children until 2+.

So, I wondered if you had any recommendations for child minders or nurseries that would take a 5/6 month old baby nearby in Brixton or Herne Hill.

Having never had a baby before, all this is unchartered territory, so any help/tips are much appreciated.


TaraRae Sun 12-Feb-12 19:27:17

My son went to the U3's and now is at the O3's. He loves it and has made lots of nice friends there. The staff are very friendly and they do lots of fun things with the children, for example at Chinese New Year they all made dragons and were taken on a trip to the Chinese supermarket. Its popular though so can be tough to get a place.

As for primary schools, St. Judes has an outstanding OFSTED report but to be sure you get a place you have to attend the CofE Church St. Matthews. Corpus Christi is also outstanding but you have to go to their affiliated catholic church. If you're not into the church thing then Jessops is non-denomination and is really on the up...

BrixMum Wed 01-Feb-12 14:40:09

Thanks everyone - all this feedback is very helpful. I am off to Jubilee open morning next week (Fri 10 Feb in am if anyone else wants to know). I think we will go for Effra for nursery and then have a think about primary options. It seems this patch of Brixton is a bit short of choice.

sploj Fri 16-Dec-11 09:05:02

sorry - that last post was for Katrin! Brixmum - my DD went to Effra, it was fantastically creative. Although the room is big, the kids take it in their stride and the adults all get to know them well, particularly the group teachers.

sploj Fri 16-Dec-11 09:01:18

You might be just in the catchment area for Jubilee from there. It's really worth visiting, don't just go on this year's SATs results because the school is changing fast, and the SATs tell you about children who started there eight years ago! Also, it could be better to be at a school where a lot of investment and work is being put in than one that is resting on its overblown reputation.

RogersPark Tue 01-Nov-11 22:22:12

Have you checked out Nellys yet? We love it and more importantly, our daughter lovers it. I can sing the praises of Nellys until to cows come home. We're in poet's corner and the pre work commute isn't bad - you just end up commuting into town on the overland train (3 lines to choose from).

thomsc Wed 06-Jul-11 20:29:39

Rosendale is close by too, but you need to be much closer than Poets Corner to get in there.

thomsc Wed 06-Jul-11 20:28:53

Jessops, St Judes (CofE), Hillmead and Jubilee are your local primary schools, plus Corpus Christi (Catholic). Most are over subscribed so it will come down to 'catchment' area (really relative distance from school rather than a defined area). It's not easy and it's no fun. Do message me if you want a chat.

iskra Thu 09-Jun-11 09:42:38

I think - I might be wrong - that it's Jessops or St Judes (if you are CofE). Seems to be a bit of a dearth of primary schools in that area.

KatrinB Sun 05-Jun-11 14:08:07

Hello, sorry to barge in on your conversation -- and so belatedly. We are moving to Poets' Corner in August and I've been hearing horror stories about the primary school catchment area. Does anyone here know what state primary schools are available to children living in that part of HH? Thank you! Katrin

thomsc Tue 15-Feb-11 16:30:51

both my two are at Effra (DS1 in the big room and DS2 in the U3s).

The staff are lovely, it's really friendly and the kids enjoy it. I'd certainly recommend it. Get your boy on the list though as it's very popular.

I live on Chaucer Road, say hello sometime!

BrixMum Mon 14-Feb-11 14:19:29

I am trying to work out which nursery to send my little boy to when he turns 3yrs? We live on boarder of Brixton / Herne Hill and The Effra Centre is very close to our house. I have been there for great baby groups and loved the space and staff but does anyone have any feedback on what it is like as a nursery? My only concerns was that it seemed quite packed / noisy in that one big room?
Thank you

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