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SazzyG Thu 28-Jan-10 15:51:03

Hi there,

I've just had an offer accepted on a house in Esher ... I'm currenly 6 months pregnant and have a 2.5 year old. So ... I need some help and advice from anyone who's local! Good nurseries, doctors, dentists, a cleaner, a doula and some friends! Not much to ask!! Any advice would be so so welcomed!

locallady Sun 31-Jan-10 10:45:52

Hi there, I live pretty close to Esher in Thames Ditton and didn't want this to go unanswered. That said I'm not quite local enough to answer your questions and have teenagers so not quite the same lifestage!

It's a great area and so I'm sure you'll enjoy living around here. Esher's centre is great for the cinema, the library, general shopping and eating and, of course, near enough to Kingston and Guildford for bigger stuff if you need it.

If there's any other general stuff you need a hand with let me know.

daxibaby Sun 31-Jan-10 12:26:55

re: doula - have a look on

SazzyG Thu 11-Feb-10 21:45:04

Thanks guys. I've found a Doula, which is great news and I've managed to join the NCT. Sazzyg xx

Olimum Wed 07-Apr-10 10:41:41

We are in Thames Ditton - we have two daughters aged 4 and 15 months. We moved last October from Clapham. It's a lovely area and we are still finding out more. Wish you well for the move. I dont know Esher that well as we only go now and again but it seems very nice and I know there are some good schools there such as Cranmere.
Good luck with it all.

gadget6116 Tue 07-Sep-10 16:04:50

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MrsH1979 Tue 26-Feb-13 09:25:49

Hi SazzyG

Who did you use as your doula? I'm 34wks and have a 2.5 yr old so hoping to find a post natal doula to help initially as family are far away and hubby works long hours. How did it work out for you?
Thanks!! x

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