Aupair looking to meet other aupairs near Walton on thames

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sweetpeayogabunny Thu 10-Sep-09 08:47:50


We live in Walton on thames and have an aupair who has just arrived from Germany. She doesn't know anyone here and would like to meet some other aupairs / young people. Does anyone know anyone who might like to meet up.

Thanks a lot...

eeyore12 Thu 10-Sep-09 14:05:35

Hi I am a nanny who is moving to Weybridge will be working in Hampton, always happy to meet up with new people. There are a few nannies in the area as a group of us got together the other sunday afternoon for a drink.

I am away from next week until the mid of Oct but would certainly be happy to meet up with her then or let you know about any meet ups we are having, not sure I count as young though at nearly 32.

I do know a nanny who has just come over from Australia about a month ago in Addlestone who is free during the day she may be interested in meeting up with your au pair as well, if you send me your email details via my website stoneleighbabymassage I can pass them on and contact you direct

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