Moving to Surbiton... Anyone know about secondary schools? Oversubscribed? what happens if you don't get a place????

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SJplus4 Sat 18-Jul-09 15:18:41

I'm moving to Surbiton in September from Spain and have no idea about English schools except my own experience 20 years ago... lol!!

I'm not so worried about the Primary schools as there seems to be quite a few good ones, and the Ed. Dept. have told me there are some places.. but my oldest son is 10.5 and will got to Secondary school next year.. from what I can find out (on the net) there are only a few schools in the area which are not Church or private.. What happens if you don't get a place at a normal 'comprehensive'? Where do the kids get sent??

deaddei Tue 04-Aug-09 21:25:21

Have alook on Kingston Education authority website- has all details of schools/admissions criteria.
In Surbiton there's Hollyfield (mixed), Southborough (boys), then you're into Kingston (Richard Challoner if RC), Coombe boys.

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