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sammummy2007 Fri 12-Jun-09 09:42:10


can anyone local give me their views on living in East Molesey with small children? I have a 2 and a half year old son, and am expecting no 2 in a few weeks. DH and I are contemplating a move from Teddington to East Molesey as you get more for your money there, but I know nothing about the town. Is there much going on within walking distance of Bridge Road, in terms of playgrounds, nurseries, toddler and baby groups etc? Any info / views would be very welcome. Thanks!!!

FVR Fri 19-Jun-09 11:10:40

I live in EM and I love it here. I moved here a year ago. I work full time, but all weekend is easy to fill in Hurst Park and walking to the bridge/Kingston, playing in Hampton Court Gardens and Bushy Park. We're even considering buying a boat!
My daughter is at a great Nursery, next door to the school she'll most likely go to. Let me know if you want any more specifics!


Jonesy08 Tue 14-Jul-09 09:21:28

Hi, we moved to East Molesey from Clapham last year when I was pregnant with our second daughter (older one is 3 in Oct) and it's a really great place to live with small children. There's a mother and toddler group to go to pretty much every day in different places and it has a lovely community. I didn't know a soul here when we moved but have met lots of people through groups and nursery etc. Shopping leaves a lot to be desired but you get used to it. We were initially stuck on moving to Teddington as that's where my husband works, but having lived here this is where we are now looking to buy.
You prob. have your baby now - hope it's going well!!

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