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WParkMum Fri 01-May-09 13:30:49

I'm relatively new to Worcester Park (Old Malden side) and wondered if anyone could give me details of any good pre-schools in the area?

I've read Ofsted reports on Doris Venner and Plough Grn Pre-Schools, does anyone have any local knowledge/views on these schools? Are there any other nearby pre-schools?

Also can anyone tell me what the local primary schools are like? And if there are any close good independent schools nearby?

Many thanks.

Wheelybug Fri 01-May-09 13:47:15


I am in New Malden but have a friend whose Son has gone to Doris Venner and he's loved it and she's been very happy with it.

As for schools - Malden Parochial is very good but v. difficult to get into if you don't go to church, Malden Manor is supposed to be up and coming. Burlington in New Malden but your end very good but very big. Don't know other than that.

As for independents - we liked The Study School in New Malden (but close to A3), v. small. We decided to go state in the end.

SaucyMoo Fri 29-May-09 20:52:28

hey i also live in old malden. Doris venner has better ofstead reports than plough green but both are said to be good. I send my son to a montessori in new malden called Green Lane which im finding is excellent. Hes going to be going to malden parochialnursery from sept.
i think the best Local schools are Malden Parochial, Cuddington Community, Cheam Common. theres a few more off the high st but i dont know if theyre any good, theres also malden manor as wheelybug said is very up and coming.I dont know about independant schools though...

WParkMum Wed 03-Jun-09 10:39:12


Thanks for your replies. I've put my child's name down for Doris V and Plough Green as they are within walking distance, but they both have waiting lists.

Can I ask SaucyMoo how did you get your son into Malden Parochial? I've seen their criteria and it's pretty tough as Wheelybug said. I've seen the Parish Map on their website and you have to live within the dotted line if you are not a church-goer. Do you fall within this line SaucyMoo (ie between HighDown and Malden Manor station and the near side of Malden Road)?


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