Any Mums in Molesey?

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StarSparkle Wed 21-May-08 12:53:50

Hey, just wondering if anyone on here is from molesey ? DD 2 yrs old and we get a little lonely from time to time !

Amanda78 Wed 21-May-08 16:02:03


Yes I live in East Molesey and have DD 19 months. Are you new to area?

Could always meet for lunch sometime if you fancy?

StarSparkle Wed 21-May-08 16:28:11

Hey ! No im not new to the area - im molesey born and bred ! Just that im the only one out of my friends who is a mum and a bit shy too ! Are you new to the area?

Amanda78 Wed 21-May-08 18:14:23

Well not really, moved here 3 years ago but only lived locally prior to that and have family in the area so have been familiar with it for a while.

You should join the Richmond local site as well, they have a number of ladies that talk daily and meet up often also that covers the West London area - a few are from this way, Kew, Brentford etc.

Well I live off Ember Lane near the police ground and you?

StarSparkle Wed 21-May-08 19:39:49

I live near the big tescos on hurst park - so we are a bit away but still nice to know that there are some molesey mums on here ! I will join the richmond site - thanks for the suggestion !

I have lived in molesey all my life (except when i was away at uni). How are you finding being a mum in the area? Do find lots of things to do ?

Amanda78 Wed 21-May-08 19:57:23

Yeah the threads over there move very quickly, but just join in where you can and you will get a nice welcome!

I love the area to be honest. Joined NCT just before having DD so have made some friends with kids same age - its hard to keep in contact though as I do work full time, although not Mon & Fri PM's so my time to see evryone is often limited! There are so many lovely parks, rivers etc. I tend to take DD for walks, Jumping Jacks, Playtime, parks etc!

I went to St Mary's Uni in Twickenham so have many friends over that way but time moves on I suppose! Many of them like your friends are still unattached, living the high life, so importnat to make friends in same position!

How do you fill your time?

StarSparkle Wed 21-May-08 20:26:52

There are lots of lovely walks in the area - which living here all my life i do take for granted and often forget what is on my doorstep !

I love to take my DD for walks along the river as it reminds me of my own childhood as my mum took me for walks along the river too ! I am a FTM at the moment and don't work - although i often miss the idependance of it and i really miss being around other people and having a life outside of being a mum.

I went to Brighton Uni to gain my degree and often feel gulity about not using it ! It must be hard working and being a mum ! I find it a mission just being a mum ! My mum worked full time whilst I was growing up and now i,m a mum, i am in awe how she did it !

Amanda78 Wed 21-May-08 20:58:06

It is difficult juggling everything but my husband shares nursery drops and collections and is generally very supportive. Other than that I just have to be organised where I can although there is room for improvement where this is concerned!

I love my job though and as much as I would love to be at home with DD full time (esp at this age) I am glad I work and know I will be glad of it once she is at school! I am also 15 weeks pregnant at the moment so it's only gonna get worse!!

Well if you ever wanna meet for a coffee, walk etc just let me know or maybe we could meet at a Playgroup, Jumping Jacks for eg.

CilC Tue 01-Jul-08 07:27:37

Hi Amanda and StarSparkle have just joined the local MN, not sure why I did not do this earlier! Having worked after DD was born I am now at home waiting the arrival (due 2 weeks) of DS. I know a few people in the area but am looking for advice on play groups for littleones (not Nursery as DD is at the local Montessori). Having worked I missed out a lot on meeting local Mums.
Happy also to meet up for coffee/walks.

Amanda78 Tue 01-Jul-08 20:16:39

Hi CilC,

I have posted on the Walton thread but just saw this message! Happy to meet up for coffee etc, where abouts in Molesey are you? We could meet local to you if you are up for it before arrival of DS!

CilC Tue 01-Jul-08 20:56:51

Hi Amanda - just left message on Walton site! Though this one would have been more fitting!

tweezers Wed 09-Jul-08 10:16:40

Hi, Im in Molesey too, but my children are a lot older and are at primary and secondary school. Just joined mumsnet to get ideas for the summer holidays ( I should be writing my CV!) Moved here when youngest was born, about 6 years ago.

tweezers Wed 09-Jul-08 10:18:25

I meant to say - to those that work, what is your childcare like? I am going to need to find someone for 3.00 pm pickups when I do find work, hoping this wont start till September though or it will be expensive over the holidays.

Biscuittwo Thu 10-Jul-08 22:11:10

We've recently moved to Molesey (me and son aged 8 months) and would love to meet some fellow mums plus find out some things to do with little ones.

CilC Mon 01-Sep-08 21:17:29

Hi Amanda - you must be due soon! Sorry have not caught up - dealing with a baby with colic and making the most of my days with DD who starts school soon. Let me know if you are around - time for that coffee I think!

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