Moving to Chessington

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foxandsot Thu 18-Oct-07 19:44:38


Wondered if anyone lives in the area and can give me any recommendations for primary & nursery schools.

Many thanks


Natalia34 Fri 18-Jan-08 16:25:05

My ds goes to Playmates nursery in the Kings Centre. It is excellent, has a great environment and he just loves it. We are just applying for Primary Schools now so can't comment on them just yet!! I know Lovelace, St Mary's and St Pauls are good.

Good luck with the move. We have been in Chessington for six months and are just finding our feet!!!

Natalia x

foxandsot Thu 24-Jan-08 22:44:56

Hi Natalia

We've been here for 8 weeks now. My youngest goes to Piglets and she loves it, my eldest goes to Castle Hill, she's doing okay but and I'm not too sure about it. St Pauls was the other school closest to us but unfortunately, they have no space in year 2!! Maybe will have a look at Lovelace.

How are you finding Chessington? I am missing my daily cup of coffee from Cafe Nero but have just found a new cafe in the foyer of the library.


SugaryBits Tue 29-Jan-08 11:04:40

Message withdrawn

TamTam29 Sun 22-Feb-09 12:28:31

i have been in Chessington for about 6 years now & have only really got to know the area and met (apart from the neighbours)people since I had my son who is now 17 months. We lived here for 2 years before we even discovered the lovely Churchfields were only a 5 min walk from our house!!!

Ive not really heard of any bad nurserys or schools in chessington,

Castle hill has just moved to one site as a single Primary rather than infant & junior schools so needs a bit of time to get re-established and it has a fairly new head.

There is also another Primary school behind the Community college, I dont know what it called but I have seen parents dropping off & picking up their little ones there.

There is a childrens centre at Castle Hill school (Buckland Rd) which has different play groups and activities for families and under 5's and the King's Centre has a fantastic parent & toddler group "Rainbow tots" for under 5's for you to meet other mums in the area. (different to the Playmates Nursery)

The king centre is also a great place to go for bit of lunch or coffee although for most Chessington/Hook residents it is a bit out of the way. Its actually an evangelical church but dont let that put you off.

good luck with your settling in

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