How do you get fit and do everything else?

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Starbear Thu 26-Jul-07 22:37:07

My ds is now nearly 3 years old and instead of losing weight I'm now putting even more on. Had a miscarriage earlier this year and this did set me back. I'm 44, so pretty pleased I have a great lad and a fab husband. But,I'm suffering from the following:- middle age spread,love of cooking and of course eating,dodgy knee,working part-time and a little guilt. I'm a member of a gym but I'm wasting the money. Didn't get back to pre-prenancy weight was 9st9 now 11st4. Anybody with some advice? How do you fit excercise into your day and do everything else?

eleusis Tue 07-Aug-07 07:41:25

I have this problem, but I've just bitten the bullet and made time for exercise. Sadly, this cuts into my already limited time with the DCs. But I just could go on getting any fatter. I enjoy the gym and I enjoy being in shape and generally having a healthful lifestyle. But I work long hours and this means that on two nights per week I don't see the kids because I go to the gym after work. But, life is full of choices, an dI just have to make time for working out on two nights per week. (and on Saturday or Sunday morning)

So, my advice is just to make the time and go to the gym. The weight is not going to fall off on it's own -- now wouldn't that be nice?

dalmatianbabe Sat 22-Sep-07 15:56:49

I think you have to put yourself first on this one. What's the point for your kids of having an out of shape, depressed mum with no energy?

I know that if I do not book in my gym slots as a definite each week, they fall by the wayside.

Who cares if the washing ups not done? Just hide it under the sink like I do!!

Good luck with your fitness. Your body is your best and biggest investment. Without that in good shape, what have you got?

Starbear Mon 24-Sep-07 17:16:27

Thanks Dalmatianbabe, Since, I posted last I have got my act together. Posted a thread to help me. Go running with Stragglers on a Monday. Wednesday swimming and Spinning at the gym. If I can fit a bit in a at work I do. On a Carb curfew diet. Sunday LBT and might fit in another class at 9.30am next Sunday. Thanks Eleusis for the b**king I just had to bite the bulletgrin I must go now to hide the washing in the cupboard and the dust under the rug.

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