Children's entertainers - recommendations please

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LyraB Mon 09-Jul-07 21:09:27

DS1's fifth birthday is coming up and we've booked the Pavilion in Canbury Gardens for his party. We would like to hire an entertainer. Anyone know of a good one?

hatwoman Fri 03-Aug-07 14:36:07

Gilbert Giggles. google him. he's ace had him for dd's 6th and she and all her friends adored him.

mummypig Tue 07-Aug-07 20:35:13

Ds1 saw The Great Custardo twice when he was four and loved him. I saw him on one of those occasions and was very impressed, managed to keep the kids' attention and targeted all his jokes excellently. (The last entertainer I watched had loads of jokes that completely went over the kids' heads.) I haven't booked The Great Custardo myself, though, so have no knowledge of that side, i.e. how expensive or demanding he is.

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