Advice re local primary schools please!

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primaryschooldilemma Mon 17-Oct-16 14:24:34

Dear local parents
I am in the process of applying for a Reception place for the 2017 intake. We have no sibling advantage nor any faith.
We live in North Kingston within 500m of Latchmere and under 1k from Fern Hill and hoped that we would be offered a place at either school.
Unfortunately, with the ever shrinking catchment areas the 2016 data suggests we are unlikely to get into either schools. I would therefore be grateful for any feedback on other local schools - i.e. St Pauls, St Lukes, Alexandra and Kingston Community School (though it is highly unlikely that we will get into any other than Kingston Community School).
Thanks so much.
Stressed mummy. x

thatsnotmyelephant Mon 24-Oct-16 14:42:03

I've heard they are all good but all have a tiny catchment except the community school. I would put them all down on your form. I'd you don't put down one you are likely to get into then you'll end up with an under subscribed school you don't want eg a school in Tolworth or New Malden.

nsn13 Wed 19-Apr-17 10:05:24

we are living in the same area and aiming for the same two schools for September 2018. Could you please let us know how did it go for you?

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