Friend in Kingston for 13 year old bilingual boy from Paris ?

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klepage Sun 24-Apr-16 21:46:44

I'm originally from Kingston but now live in Paris, and I come back to Kingston once or twice a year to visit my parents, who still live here. Thanks to the head of languages at Tiffin Girls' school (where I went), my daughter has been able to strike up a firm friendship with a girl there now. But I'd love to find a potential friend for my son Tom. He's 13 (born Sept 2002), is bilingual English-French, plays guitar, likes coding and cooking. He's a nice lad. Are there any teens in the group who might like to meet up with him when we're over ? We're in Kingston for a few days until 4pm on Wed 27th April 2016.
Many thanks, Kirsty
(P.S. I'm an active member of Message in Paris -

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