Worried...Fern Hill waiting list...

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Poppyseed2015 Thu 25-Jun-15 19:34:19

DD is 4 and going to start reception this sept, we didn't apply any schools by the deadline due to some family issues. Now she has no schools to go sad

I have put her name down on Fern Hill waiting list, got told there are a couple of children before her. We are less than 1km away from the school.

Does anyone know if she has a chance to be offered a place before Sept? When will the places be released? Do we have to wait after the Autumn term starts? If some children don't turn up means there are availabilities?

Any thoughts would be helpful. Thank you.

autumn51 Fri 26-Jun-15 20:47:05

I don't know whether you'll get a place to be honest I have no experience, but you could try going on the waiting lists of other schools as well to increase your chances? King Athelstan used to have more places, could try there?

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