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claregarner86 Wed 24-Jun-15 21:12:50

Hi all, we have recently moved to North Kingston and have just decided to book up a last minute holiday for next week.
Unfortunately we don't know anyone local to look after our little dog whilst we are away as my dad always used to have him when we lived in Devon.
He is a long haired miniature daschund called joey and is lovely! If you ever go to the green by latchmere road you may have seen him! He is very much a people dog and lives cuddles, therefore I feel he would not cope well in kennels but can also not afford £25 a day for 8 days for dog daycare.
Does anyone know anyone that just likes dogs and would be happy to look after him for a week whilst we are away? He is a very lovely dog and most dog lovers fall in love wit him when they see him!
Would rather use someone via recommendation so as we can rest assured he will be well lived whilst we are away.
Any help much appreciated thanks - my email is if you'd like to email me directly

MNKingstonSurrey Fri 24-Jul-15 20:07:12

Hi Clare, sorry you didn't get a response to your thread blush.

Would you like us to share on social media, to see if anyone can recommend somebody for your next trip?

Hope you found somebody!

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