Over tired daughter Help?

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pollykane Fri 28-Nov-14 10:58:36

I have just had my child's school assesment and she is apparently over tired and her concentration poor. I was shocked, as I put her to bed at 7.15pm and read to her then lights out around 7.30pm. She told me last night she is unable to sleep because the planes keep her awake. I am sooo unhappy we moved to Teddington 2 yrs ago and i felt so lucky to be in such a wonderful part of London, with all its river and parks and palaces. The families here are so friendly. We accepted there would be some plane noise but since the Heathrow trials (part of the consultation) the flights increased and although they have stopped now, we are being subjected to an unexplainable increase in "Easterly winds" that bring more planes than ever hammering over our house. Is this whats coming folks? Apparently, a report has gone to government bods to decide between Gatwick or Heathrow one plan for Gatwick, TWO for Heathrow and by Summer 2015 we will all know the outcome. We might end up with 57% more flights apparently!!!

I feel so sad that Heathrow without any prior warning to residents are able to do these trials Is there any organised campaign locally that I can join to help this area fight Heathrow expansion its effecting my childs health. Why is it all beautiful places get spoilt in the name of progress? Is it really possible to have the biggest airport hub over such a built up residential area this must break all sorts of health and safety and EU rules?????

Advice Should I fight or move?

MooseCakey Sun 30-Nov-14 14:31:18

She may get used to the plane noise in time, I spend a lot of time in Teddington and don't find it very loud, although perhaps it is where you live. While she is getting used to it perhaps you could consider thicker curtains to make it a bit quieter. I presume you have double glazing? You could also think about using white noise to help her sleep and mask the plan noise.

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