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Falcon1 Thu 13-Nov-14 16:41:51

Can anyone provide me with their experiences of this school please? It is my nearest non-faith school and the only one my children are likely to get into, but the results seem rather poor compared to most other primaries in the borough. If you have a child there, can you tell me what you think of the school? Does it cater well for children with higher abilities? Is behaviour generally ok and do the kids seem happy?

Many thanks.

kingstoncherry Tue 25-Nov-14 11:43:51

Hello, we've shared your post on Twitter (@MumsnetKingston) so you'll hopefully see feedback shortly.

Local Editor smile

alisonalison Wed 26-Nov-14 18:54:55

I suggest you do a tour of the school and have a look around for yourself, and ask the teaching staff any questions as we have done. You can also contact the parents association for a parents perspective, they have their own website. We were very impressed with what we saw, the staff were very happy to address the questions like yours.

alisonalison Wed 26-Nov-14 18:56:11

Also to note there was a waiting list for reception last year....

Mrsrobertduvall Wed 26-Nov-14 18:56:41

Lovely head. Has been in a soft federation with St Johns recently.

Falcon1 Tue 02-Dec-14 13:53:07

Many thanks for your replies. I shall request a tour.

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