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MissPenelope Fri 31-Jan-14 19:44:34

Hello. Well, we've just discovered our daughter hasn't been offered a place at Surbiton Junior Girls to start in Year 3 this September sad They said she didn't do well enough in her assessment, but they would re-consider her in a year's time, if anyone left the school and a place came up. But she'd be up against lots of other girls who wanted the place, and the highest performer in the assessment will be offered the place. Sigh.

SO what do we do now? Any advice greatly appreciated. We really are set on her going to SHS Seniors at 11 plus (where her sister is). I've heard that Rowan Prep might be an option - and is good at prepping girls for SHS senior school - although, of course, it's also full with a waiting list. Arghhh. Plus our daughter would have to 'pass' the Rowan Prep Assessment.

Does anyone know if the Rowan Prep assessment is 'easier' than the Surbiton Juniors one?

We're also considering Weston Green... although it has no links with SHS. Does anyone know anything about how 'difficult' the WG Year 3 Assessments are?

Thanks so much for any help

trader21c Thu 06-Feb-14 18:07:09

Sorry to hear she hasn't been offered a place - where do you live? I have a friend whose DC went to Weston Green and was offered a place at Surbiton - my DD came from Twickenham Prep to Surbiton where they have a good record on getting children into the schools they want ... where is she now - could she stay there another year and you try again? Worth getting more detailed feedback from Surbiton I would have thought if you can smile

anothermadmum Fri 14-Feb-14 11:03:46

DD is at Surbiton Juniors, it used to be very easy to get into, her year wasn't full until Y4, but it is now getting very competitive. They used to only have one infant class so there was a lot of availability at Y3, but most infant years now have 2 classes so there are a lot less places available.
Rowan is a very good prep and your DD would do well there, particularly because they prepare for the 11+. Girls at SHS have guaranteed places at the seniors so its a lot more laid back. If you are Kingston way, what about Newland House? it is a fantastic co-ed prep in Twickenham, you will get a better, more rounded education there than you will at any girls school. The other co-ed to look at would be Felton Fleet, they run buses everywhere, most of the DCs are from Wimbledon.
If you want to stay with all girls Notre Dame run buses, it is a lovely school, but a bit secluded.
Surbiton do loose girls every year, DDs year looses an average of 4 each year, so places do become available. All girls schools follow the national curriculum so you will not be missing anything if you go in later.

sybilwibble Tue 18-Feb-14 23:35:38

My understanding was that Shs didn't have ANY places this yr? They usually 'add' a class in yr 3 but this yr they did not so if they had any places at all they would have been ad hoc places. The Rowan entrance is much more relaxed- the girks spend a day at the school rather than turn up just for a test. A large no of the girls offered Rowan this yr have opted to take places at LEH and GHs even though they originally accepted so there should be lots of movement at Rowan's . ( this has happened because Rowan shifted its entrance process to October, out of step with the other 7+ schools ) best of luck.

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