Kingston hospital overnight stay- how long can DH stay?

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youcancallmeglowworm Fri 31-Jan-14 14:44:38

I'm due with my first DC next week and am booked in at Kingston hospital. Assuming I have to stay in for at least one night after the birth, I'm just wondering how long DH can stay with me in hospital.

Iv read about a recent refurb they've had that includes reclining chairs so birthing partners can stay overnight, but then elsewhere it says that partners can't stay.

Has anyone had any experience at Kingston?
I just feel funny about the idea of being left alone so soon without DH with our new baby!

kingstoncherry Sun 09-Feb-14 15:13:35

Apologies for the delay in responding, have you had your baby now? How did it go and could your husband stay with you?

Hope all went well and congratulations! thanks

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youcancallmeglowworm Sun 09-Feb-14 15:33:56

Thanks! We're still waiting for him to put in an appearance! I'll update about the overnight situation if that arises. I'm 40+4 so hopefully not too long now.

KitNCaboodle Sun 09-Feb-14 17:02:48

Hope all is well! As far as I'm aware partners can't stay overnight. The reclining chairs etc are for if you're labouring overnight.
Good luck.

youcancallmeglowworm Sun 09-Feb-14 17:17:19

Ah okay great thanks!

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