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JPizel Sun 08-Dec-13 20:14:08


I'm a single Dad with two children. We've just recently moved to London currently living in Croydon. I would love to move to Kingston, can anyone advise if being a single parent in Kingston is doable and can you give me any advice on best primary and secondary as my eldest is now 10.

Thanks in advance.

kingstoncherry Tue 10-Dec-13 15:41:46

Hi JP, thanks for posting here too. I've shared your post on our Facebook page:

and also via Twitter (@mumsnetkingston), hopefully people will respond shortly.

All the best

Local Editor

Mum2knowitallteen Mon 03-Mar-14 12:54:53

Hi SingleDad

I think being a single parent anywhere is doable (having a good network and income of course helps massively) - been 'doing' it myself for years smile.

In Kingston the primaries have good after, pre and holiday clubs, however the Council provides little in the way of any sort of free or subsidised activities during school holidays or indeed at any time of the year.

There is Richmond and Bushy Park, as well as the riverside if your kids are outdoors types. There's also the Kingfisher Leisure Centre, Hawker Centre and New Malden Centre, depending on which part of the borough you are interested in.

Indoors there's the Rotunda - bowling, cinema, child friendly food, Kingston Museum and the Rose Theatre.

The best primary or secondary will depend on where you live in the borough, whether for example you want your child to attend a mixed school or single sex, church or not, grammar or not. If you are looking at the independent sector there are a number of schools including Kingston Grammar and Surbiton High.

If you need more information, please feel free to ask.

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