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w4k3up Thu 17-Oct-13 11:41:17

Hi there,
I have been contracting part-time through an umbrella company and now want to change to limited company.
Anybody done something similar? Can you recommend a local accountant who deals with limited companies?

kingstoncherry Sun 20-Oct-13 22:05:21

Thanks for posting, we've shared your thread on our Facebook page, so hopefully you'll get feedback soon smile

Local Editor

VictoriaBPhotography Tue 29-Oct-13 14:38:43

Hi there,
I use Alan James & Co in Chertsey, who are really helpful and very reasonably priced (I've looked at lots and used other accountants in the past for my Limited company).
I will be seeing Alan on Friday, so if you'd like me to put him in touch with you, feel free to message me.
Good luck,

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