Caesarean friendly antenatal/parenting classes near Surbiton?

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pogpog Mon 15-Jul-13 17:47:45

Hi. I'm having a caesarean birth and wanted to join an antenatal class or group to tell me everything I need to know about becoming a parent and all the usual stuff nct classes cover (like breast feeding, how to bathe a newborn, change a nappy etc) but without the time and emphasis spent on vaginal birth. I wondered if anyone knows of classes that cover caesarean birth plus recovery/what to expect afterwards in a thorough and non judgmental way in or near to Surbiton? The nct classes seem too anti caesarean for me to gain anything positive from attending. Many thanks.

kingstoncherry Thu 18-Jul-13 11:51:30

Hi pogpog, I hope one of our members will get back to you - I'm sure there must be groups out there. Have you tried contacting local doctors maybe or Children's Centres for advice? Here are local centres: Good luck, your Local Editor

mrscottini Wed 11-Sep-13 21:01:02

I did Nct ante natal classes in Surbiton and they were very c section friendly - one of our group was having an elective and the teacher said that the stats said another few of us would have cs so we watched a cs video and talked about it, definitely non judgemental. Teacher was Barbara Kott.

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